p > 1. The sun goes down, the moon comes up, the stars begin to shine.
The shadows grow, my window darkens, the rays of light decline.
The city towers' electric glow gets bright. It's the time...

Refrain: I want to, i want to, i want to dance!
I can't stop (chorus: He can't stop) groovin'. (chorus: We too want to) dance!
I want to (chorus: We want to) dance.

Bridge: Close your eyes, feel the groove,
hear the tune and start to move.
Find someone and drift away.

2. The daily grind melts from my brain, my body fills with sounds.
Vibrations tickle in my spine, they force my feet to bounce.
My soul's demanding something real exciting. It's the time...


3. Put on my shoes, step in the street, watch people stray along.
The mood goes on,the rhythm gains ground, the music's getting strong.
I look out for like-minded spirits 'til you catch my eyes...


Text und Musik:
Bernd Beusmann